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Description :

2-channels/clean and crunch MIDI preamp + built-in overdrive +Delay+ Reverb + 3 simultaneous outputs (Power Amp, headphones and loudspeaker simulation).

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Demonstrations :

Video 1 :  Factory demo - Power-Amp output - with LES PAUL   
Video 2 :  Factory demo - Power-Amp output - with LES PAUL   

Price : 895 € + Shipping costs (shipped from France)



Diese_1969_1.jpg Diese_1969_2.jpg Diese_1969_3.jpg Diese_1969_4.jpg

Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Tube
 Channels   :  

Clean (+overdrive)

Crunch (+overdrive)

 Equalization   :   Bass - Mid - Treble, on each channel
 Commands   :  

Overdrive Hotscream: On / Off, Vol, Hot

Canal Clean: Low, Mid, High, Clean, Gain, Bright

Crunch Channel: Low, Mid, High, Crunch, Gain, Pre-EQ

Buffer on input disengageable: "Buffer On"

Delay: Level, Feed, Delay

Reverb: ON / OFF, Mix, Verb

2 Master Volume: Solo, Master

Simulated HP output: 2 switches color

Midi: Any combination allowed

 Power-suply   :   External transformer, provided
 Size   :   145 x 120 mm
 Remarks   :  

Simultaneous outputs (no switching)

Effect Loop

MIDI: In / Out / Thru


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