To complete the range of pedals, single or multichannels preamp, it is essential to present the FredAmp amps.

For those who are lost in these terms that may seem barbaric, start again from the base: an amp (specifically, an amplifier) is used to increase the signal strength to be able exiter (or drive, power) speaker (cabinet), the latter component transforming electrical energy into acoustic energy.

In fact, the amp is a key component of the guitar "signal-chain":

  • maximum power will set the maximum volume (the associated HP is assumed compatible adapter),
  • its tone (timbre some would say, but we understand) affects the sound reproduction,
  • the feeling listening depends on the couple "amp and HP" adaptation but also performance and character of each component,
  • In general, an excellent stereo system is a médioce (uh ... let's say even "bad") guitar amp, and the reverse is also true !!!

It remains to discuss the eternal dilemma "tube amp or transistor" touched on many site. Here also some truths allow to identify synthetically the subject:

  • good tube amps are much more expensive than transistor amps,
  • some amps transistors or emulators are close (very) many tube amps,
  • whether stereo or guitar, tubes generally have a better reputation among more concerned with "musical sound".

To each his opinion and budget : FredAmp amps cover two technologies and in many forms : Transistor, Tube, or Hybrid (both combined) !!!

7 products.

Tête T-BOOST 15H


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high, High gain

Based on Fredamp #2 : The Spirit of Tboost

1500 €


Tete PJA 50W


Custom order

Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high, High gain

Head PJA 50W - 3 channels

Silver 15H

  en promotion

Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high, High gain

3 channels head, based on marshall silver jubilee, 15 W - EL84

1350 €


Plexi paradise 15H


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high, High gain

2 channels head + Overdrive - 15W - EL84

1500 €


Lawgiver 50h


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high, High gain

50W amp - 3 channels - 25/50 W AB class

1950 €


Dirty 15H


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high, High gain

Two famous amp grains mastered Foot: BUMBLE and ROCKERVERB / Dirty - 15 W

1500 €


Crystal 20H


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low

20W tube amp (V6V) with CRYSTAL preamp

990 €


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