The overdrive pedals and fuzz FredAmp are simple effects that are most often based on a transistor technology.

The products provided herein have been fastidious selection among the many known technical solutions of all. After a rigorous selection of the most suitable components, each has proven its added value and its purpose in our catalog. Quality, compatibility and complementarity, are the master password that justify the existence of this range of "transistor FredAmp products."

Like any effect pedal, they are of course isolation exploitable to bring their characteristic sound. But beyond that, they also help to extend the sound outfits when used before a preamp or power amps tube. The combinations of materials are numerous; some are very relevant and widely known among our customers; others are less meaningful except to build a very special sound. It's all about harmony, especially when it comes to both music and electronics !!! You can contact us to identify associations that may match your needs.

Feel free to browse the published video or audio demonstrations in the product description. You can also compare the various products on this or our synthesis tables or just the sound result is exactly the purpose of our demos which includes all demos (video and / or audio) products FredAmp.

9 products.



Sound types : Clean

Optical tremolo

130 €


Plexi stomp


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high

Based on marshall jmp100

180 €

Hot Scream Little


Sound types : Crunch low, Crunch high

Hot Scream pedal - Little version

150 €


Hot Scream Limited edition


Sound types : Crunch low, Crunch high

Hot Scream pedal - Limited edition

180 €


Green OD XL


Sound types : Crunch low, Crunch high

In a single case in reduced format: double OD Green (inspired by the TS9 with improvement)

200 €


Green OD


Sound types : Crunch low, Crunch high

Based on the famous TS9 but with components chosen for their high quality sound

120 €


Fuzz 3.141592


Sound types : High gain, Fuzz

Pedal Fuzz 3.141592

170 €


Combi Delay+Reverb

new product

Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high, High gain, Fuzz

Combined Delay and Reverb

195 €

Clean Boost/Buffer

new product

Sound types : Clean

Boost pedal +20dB

90 €


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