Single preamps


Halfway between the fuzz, boost and overdrive pedals and multichannel preamps or amps, FredAmp preamps complete range of material referring to stories of famous amps and preamps by adding specific adaptations FredAmp.

Some key points help us to determine the area of use of this type of material (even popularize a bit !!):

  • A preamplifier boosts the signal level until it can be injected into a power amp,
  • In a guitar amp, usually, the preamplifier can control the tone (Tone stack), gains (crunch and / or distortion) and the choice of grain by the various channels. The final sound of an amp is largely sculpted by the preamp, and this is especially the case when the final amplifier does not use tubes,
  • By connecting the output of a preamp input "return" of the effect of any amp loop, it is easy to add a new sound range, which mainly depend on the nature of the added noise preamp.

So the main objective of preamps FredAmp is there : giving the same opportunities (sounds and controls) as historic preamps, and to inject the result into any amp: whether his favorite combo, the PA group, or an emulator such as torpedo CAB and other HP simulators.

You can contact us to find products that may match your needs.

8 products.

Tweed T57

new product

Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high

"Tweed T57" preamp, based on the Leo Tweed Twin 57 - on sale at Guitars Addicts

430 €

The 800


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high

Overdrive based on the preamp of a JCM 800 - 2203

330 €


JTBass preamp V2


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low

JTBass Preamp V2

310 €


FMP100 #2


Sound types : Crunch low

FMP100 #2

310 €



new product

Sound types : Clean, Crunch low

Preamp "FB103", based on Preamp based on the HYwatt DG103 - on sale at Guitars Addicts

430 €

FAC Tube Hp Simulation


Sound types : Clean

FAC Tube Hp Simulation - 4 x 10-inch speaker simulator. Mono or Stereo versions, case, 1/2 rack, 1U rack

299 €


Dlx Hot Rod

new product

Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high

2 channels preamp "Dlx Hot Rod" - on sale at Guitars Addicts

480 €

Crystal # 7


Sound types : Clean, Crunch low

Crystal 2 - A generic tube preamp, which warms the sound and can be boosted to a very good crunch.

300 €


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